Thursday, August 7, 2008

Angelic Picture of the Week & Tom Is That You?

Mommy got some great pictures of me today! I will post more tomorrow but today I wanted to show you the pictures of our visitor. Mommy called him Tom. We were down stairs admiring daddy's progress on the basement when Daddy noticed that there was someone else looking too, lol! Mommy said some people have peeping Toms (I don't know what that is) but we have a peeping toad, lol!!! I'm not sure why it was funny but Mommy & Daddy laughed. Daddy had to go outside and rescue it cause it couldn't jump out of the window well. He said it screached at him when he picked it up... creepy! They thought he was a little ugly, not a normal looking toad. Oh well he is gone now. I hope you like my angelic picture!

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