Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Too Long

Sorry, I don't have any pictures to post because Mommy handed in her laptop to the accountant a few days after our last post. We hope to have it back in another week or two and then there will be tons of pics to share. Mason & I had a wonderful Christmas and we hope everyone else did too! The house is going great and is all drywalled and ready for mud. We can't wait to move in and get things back to normal! Hopefully soon. Florida is just around the corner and I am very excited to see the princesses.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year's!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mondays With Mason And Other Things

SONY DSC Yesterday was my 3rd birthday!!  It was very low key since we are at Grandma & Grandpa’s but I had a great day anyways.  In the morning we went to the play place and my cousin Emma came along, it was really fun.  After my nap Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy came over for pizza and cake and I opened my presents.  Thanks so much for all the fun play-doh!!  I also got a doll from Grandma & Grandpa and a castle from Mommy, Daddy and Mason.  We do have pictures but they still need to be uploaded. 

Here is a picture of our house that Mommy took last week.  We are going out for lunch with Tammy tomorrow so we will go and see what else has been done.  I’m pretty sure the garage doors are on and the roof is shingled.  Now when I see the house I get a little more excited!  DSC03148-2
33 Weeks!  You know you had a good sleep when you have an imprint of the sheet on your face due to lack of movement LOL!!  Too bad this was taken over a month ago.  My sleeping is getting a bit better here but still not as good as before the move, soon…  It’s official, I am a crawler!!  I’m still not fast but I get where I want to go easily.  I’m more interested with pulling up on things these days.  
I’m not making it up on my feet yet, just to my knees but I’m trying.  I am also doing a cross between downward dog and a push up.  Mommy thinks I should slow it down a bit since her little baby girl just turned 3 but I’m ready to go, go, go!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mondays With Mason


32 Weeks!!  The internet connection at Grandma and Grandpa’s is terrible on the 3rd floor so the posts will be few and far between for the duration of our stay.  Mommy has tried to comment on many blogs but she is only lucky enough to have had a few comments go through. 

I am growing bigger and stronger everyday.  I should be exclusively crawling by the end of this week!  I am getting better and better everyday!  I would post a video but that might take a century to upload so until we move you’ll have to take my word for it LOL.  I saw my first Christmas tree last week and I can’t see what all the fuss was about?  Yes the lights are twinkly and captured my attention for a few minutes but my reaction was a typical male reaction to a tree… maybe next year I’ll be more interested?  Sleep comes few and far between these days because I am teething.  I just cut my top left tooth today so hopefully I will sleep better tonight. 

2 weeks down… 8 more to go… SERENITY NOW!!