Thursday, November 25, 2010

Settling In

So far we are still kind of at sorts and getting used to the new surroundings.  Mason is not sleeping well but is getting better.  I am getting up a few times a night and crying out for “Momma!!”, which makes for a very tired Mommy!  On the bright side Mommy is too tired to take everything to the accountant and still has her laptop LOL!  The lighting at Grandma & Grandpa’s house is amazing!!  So great for picture taking but so HOT!!  When it’s sunny we have to strip down because it gets too hot in the sun room (where we mostly hang out).  Here are a few shots of our days so far.
We are literally step away from the water!  It is sometimes scary to think about but so far I haven’t even tried to go near a door.  Mommy is really enjoying the sunsets, sunrises, and the moonlight pictures she is capturing!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends!  Hope you have a great Black Friday too LOL!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mondays With Mason

DSC03499-2  30 Weeks!!!  Mommy is handing the laptop in later so we had time to do another Monday.  I have been working on my sitting skills this past week and I am getting really good at it if I do say so myself!  I’m not tipping over nearly as much and when I do I know to tense myself so that I won’t just bang my head on the floor.  I did do that a couple of times and I guess it’s live and learn LOL.  Since I have been sitting so much I haven’t done much work on the crawling… BUT I am creeping now so it won’t be long before I am on the go!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feeding the Birds

DSC03466-2 DSC03472-2 DSC03477-2 DSC03528-2 DSC03529-2
Since everyone was asking, yes, that’s our hands.  The birds at Lemoine Point are so used to people that they will come down and eat from your hands.  Almost everyone that goes for a walk has a pocket full of seeds, they like sunflower seeds the most though.  You can also feed the chipmunks too!  They won’t sit on your hand but they will come and take shelled peanuts from your fingers but we haven’t been able to get any pictures of that because they are very timid and quick LOL! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Almost Done

We are almost finished packing.  Just a few more days and we are off to Grandma & Grandpa’s house!  Since so many of my toys are packed up I am finding everyday items to be fun, like this umbrella for instance.  When Mommy took it away from me I had a huge fit LOL, but I was trying to get through doorways and getting too close to Mason with it so she decided it wasn’t a good toy after all!  Oh well, at least we got some pictures hahaha. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mondays With Mason

29 Weeks!  My shots really took it out of me last week.  I had a fever until Friday night and spent most of the week crying if I was not constantly being entertained or sleeping.  Saturday morning I woke up feeling good and started working on my baby skills once again.  I am still rocking back and forth in the crawling position but so far have not tried to move, I want to make sure I won’t hurt myself!  I am still not ready to sit by myself on the floor without pillows.  Every time I try to put something in my mouth I have the habit of leaning backwards and falling over LOL.  One thing that I am making headway with is my pointer finger!  I love sticking it out and spinning toys and pressing buttons.  I really like “sticking my finger through Mommy’s ring” in my Pat The Bunny book.  I try to stack blocks but mostly I just give up and chew on them.  We’re not sure if we will be able to do Monday’s with Mason for a bit so I just might have to play catch up when we get the laptop back.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We are very busy getting all the last minute things packed and trying to decided what to take to Grandpa and Grandma’s with us.  I am not thrilled to be seeing my toys get stuffed into boxes.  Mommy told me it will be so much fun for me when we unpack everything because it will seem like Christmas all over again but I’m not much of a long term thinker, I want my toys now LOL!  Mommy has to hand in her laptop to the accountant this week, sniff, sniff.  It will be very hard not to be able to post for a while.  It will probably take about 3 weeks so we will try to catch up with everyone before we hand it in and after we get it back.  Not too much has happened with the house but they have got the footing done.  Here is another pic. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our New House

LOL!  So far not much to see.  We are moving out of our current house on the 22nd and we will be moving in with Grandma & Grandpa for a few months.  Really it will just be for a month because they will be leaving for Florida just after Christmas.  A few weeks later we will be driving down to meet them for a few weeks and hopefully when we return our house will be ready… fingers crossed.  I will post some progress pictures as the house goes up. 

I am very excited to go to Disney for the first time.  Now when I see the castle in pictures or commercials I always say Walt Disney World!  Mommy and Daddy booked me an appointment to get dressed up just like a princess and then we are going to go have dinner with the princesses!  I wonder who I will meet?  Because it’s not a good post without a picture of Mason or I, here is one LOL.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday With Words

Yesterday was fun!  In the morning Heather brought Cameron over to play for a while.  I really like playing with her but I still need to work on my sharing skills.  After our nap Mommy took Mason to the doctors and I played with Grandma and Grandpa for an hour or so.  When Mommy came to pick me up I had 2 flutes in my mouth and I was making lots of noise hehehe!!  Mommy suggested they hide those flutes before we move in with them or they may regret it.  I hope they are still there, Mommy hopes they won’t be LOL! 

Mason is getting to be so big.  He is now 29.5 inches long and weighs 19lbs.  At three and a half months old Mason was 27 inches and 18lbs.  The slimming down is starting already!  We think the poor guy is going to be a skinny mini just like me.  I was still quite chubby at 6 months old and he is already slimming down lol! 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mondays With Mason

DSC02403-2 DSC02405-2
28 Weeks tomorrow!  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I will let you all know how big and strong I am.  Last week I spent lots of time gazing at Taylor and continued trying out the crawling position.  I am still not very stable in the crawling position but I am getting better everyday!  I have also started to shake my head back and forth like I am saying “no”.  I have no idea that by doing that it means “no” but I do enjoy doing it.  This morning I kept on doing it when Mommy played music, it was fun to shake my head to the music!  Last week was one of those weeks that I chose to be miserable, we’ll see how I will act this week he he he!  We will be back tonight to catch up with everyone, Mommy has been busy with paperwork and packing boxes… we move in 2 weeks!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mondays With Mason on Tuesday

DSC02380-2 DSC02391-2
27 Weeks!  Taylor and I are really starting to enjoy spending more time together.  It has been so fun interacting with her more and more this past week.  I have tasted so many new foods and I have liked them all except for peaches.  I don’t hate the taste but it is a stronger flavor than most of the others and it makes me grimace until I get used to the taste.  My first Halloween was fun but I think I will enjoy it more next year.  I liked seeing the kids come to the door dressed up more than I liked going door to door.  I got another tooth so now I have my 2 bottom teeth.  I am back to chatting and babbling.  Bu-bu-bu is my new favorite thing to say.  Other than that I am just continuing to practice my sitting skills and working on the crawling position.  When Mommy tries to lay me down on my belly I curl my legs up and flex my arms so that I am set down in the crawling position.  I am still very shaky in that position and have not tried to crawl yet but maybe in a few weeks when I feel more confident I just might try! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Part II

DSC02598-2 DSC02560-2 DSC02541-2 DSC02620-2

This Halloween was so much fun for me because Uncle Rob and Aunt Laurie brought my cousin Emma up to play with me for a while and then we went out trick or treating together!  I had lots of fun walking up to houses with her and she helped me ring doorbells.  Mason only went to a few close neighbours that we knew because it was VERY COLD out yesterday, in fact, it snowed most of the day!!  It didn’t stay on the ground though but we did manage to snap this shot.


Grandma and Grandpa also came up to see Mason and I in our costumes and helped pass out candies.  They also brought some yummy chili for supper but I just ate garlic bread because beans and burger are not my favorite LOL.