Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here I am in Mommy’s sombrero that Aunt Shannon gave her last weekend LOL!!  I am having so much fun playing with it but it is kind of hard to keep it on my head because I run around too much.  We went to Perth this weekend to see Mommy’s side of the family and to introduce everyone to Mason.  They all oohed and aahed over him of course.  We had a great time and hope to see everyone again soon. 

We have been busy taking lots of pictures over the last two weeks but still have to get to them, hopefully soon.SONY DSC SONY DSC

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mondays With Mason


Tomorrow I will be 9 weeks old!  I am really starting to chat up a storm.  If you look away while we are chatting I will make as much noise as I can to catch you attention again.  I stay awake for longer periods of time.  Sometimes Mommy doesn’t appreciate that because lately I think that 7 to 10 p.m is a good time to stay awake LOL.  Taylor is starting to be more of an interesting play toy to me now too.  I will look at her and smile at her when she comes around.   Drool is starting to par for the course.  Bubble blowing, as you can see, is no problem!  I also hold my head up quite high while doing tummy time.  Of course I don’t hold my head up like I am in the picture all of the time but I try.


Friday, June 25, 2010

A Quick Hello

Mommy and I went to Lemoine Point today with some friends.  I had lots of fun but I was not very well behaved and I sat myself right into a huge puddle LOL!!  I was showing off for the girls and decided not to listen to Mommy (well, less than usual anyways).  Hopefully next time we go I will be a little more behaved.  I will try to post some pictures of our walk this weekend.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SOOC Sunsets and Earthquakes

Today while I was napping we had an earthquake!!!  It registered 5.5 on the scale and it was one of Ontario’s biggest ever recorded.  I never even batted an eyelash, I slept through it,  Mason on the other hand didn’t.  Mommy was rocking him in his nursery and she heard the noise before she felt the shaking.   The noise sounded like wind to her and then all of the sudden the rocking chair became a bouncy chair LOL!  Mommy jumped up away from the window because she thought it might be a mini tornado or twister.  Daddy was downstairs and said “What the …” and then ran out the front door to see if one of the big excavators was driving beside or into our house hahahaha!!  We have an access road beside our house and they do work on it sometimes so it’s not that strange of a conclusion I guess.  When he saw there was nothing there he came back in and asked Mommy if that was an earthquake.  They thought it must have been.  It wasn’t the first one Mommy had felt but it was definitely the strongest.  Anyways, Mason opened one eye while it was happening and was more disturbed by the fact that Mommy put him in his crib before he was completely asleep than by the earthquake, getting bounced about is a routine part of his day.

Mommy didn’t edit any of these pictures of the sunsets but she does have a bad habit of forgetting her camera settings and under exposing her sunsets LOL! 


Monday, June 21, 2010

Mondays With Mason


Taylor was showing me latest Potato Head creation the other day,  I like to stare at faces so I find them interesting! 

Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks old!  Time sure is starting to fly by now.  I am getting so big too.  When I went to the doctors they told me that I had gained 5 pounds in 6 weeks!!  I am a big boy but not worried about it too much because Taylor was the exact same way when she was a baby and look at her now.  Hopefully I won’t be that thin though lol!!  I’m holding onto rattles and shaking them.  I can track objects easily.  I am getting very chatty and love my morning talks with Mommy.  I can also keep my head up most of the time if you put me in a sitting position.  Mommy says soon I will be sitting up on the couch with some help from pillows, which I think will be very fun.  I will be able to see so much more. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Morning on the Point

This morning we headed out for a walk.  It was a beautiful sunny day (finally) and we wanted to make the best of it.  We have been cooped up in the house so much because of the rain and I needed to get rid of some energy.  I said “Hi” to almost everyone I saw and stopped many times to check out some doggies!  I don’t really like to pet them but I love to chat to them.  I am still a bit nervous around dogs but I did pet 1 or 2 small ones.  Mason was up for most of our walk and he really enjoyed the fresh air too.  Usually he cries when he is in his car seat but today he was content as long as we were on the go.  Here are some pics from our walk today.

Yes that is a bribe you see in my hand, lol, and yes they are basically the same shot but Mommy couldn’t decide which one was cuter so she edited both!

SONY DSCSONY DSCDSC03813-2 And one with a little smile!DSC03815-2

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bunny On The Loose

Last night after my bath I grabbed my bunny and ran around the house with my bunny towel on.  I stopped just long enough for Mommy to take a few pictures and then I took off again.  We have lots of pictures of me on the run but some are a little too revealing because the towel is open down both the sides LOL!! 

DSC03632-2 Mason told me to say hello to everyone.SONY DSC

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

SONY DSCLook familiar Aunt Amy?  Mommy snapped this shot in your front yard.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


SONY DSC This weekend I went to the Playtrium with Mommy, Daddy and Mason.  I had a great time playing and running around.  I really tired Daddy out with all of my energy.  We stayed for 2 hours!  I wasn’t on my best behaviour when it was time to leave though, I was flailing my body about trying to get Daddy to put me down… I wasn’t happy!  Mason slept most of the time we were there.  We saw another couple that we know there and had a nice chat with them.  They have 2 little ladies, one is a few months younger than me and the other is a month and a half older than Mason but Mason was way bigger than their baby girl LOL!!  Mason is a whopper!  I do have a few pictures of my time there but only a few, Mommy was busy chatting and holding Mason.  I still have to load them on the computer so I will post them soon.  I also had a nice visit with Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy on Sunday and we went to see Grandma & Grandpa on Saturday, busy, busy, busy but very fun!  I hope everyone else had a good weekend too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Heart Faces – All About Baby


It’s been forever since I have participated but this week will be easy for me since I just had a new baby LOL!  All I have to do is copy and paste and I have enough energy for that.  Here is my little man Mason snuggling with his Grandma.  If you want to see many more sweet babies go to I Heart Faces.


Mondays With Mason

SONY DSC Tomorrow I will be 7 weeks old.  Many new things are happening in my life and already so many firsts.  I am really starting to smile more and the colic is starting to go away.  Mommy still isn’t sure if I will be happier and content once it goes away or if I will always be pretty demanding and high maintenance.  I think the latter will be true because so far so good LOL, why stop now, I always get my own way! 

I am getting really good at tummy time, I can lift my head up pretty high.  Mommy tells me that I am doing much better than Taylor did at this age, she hated tummy time and Mommy never made her do it.  I like being on my belly so it makes it easier.  My big sister is really helpful during tummy time by showing me rattles and other fun toys.    I can’t wait until I am able to play with her a little better. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Comparison

Taylor%202%20months%20003 SONY DSC

I am on the left and Mason is on the right.  We are both 6 weeks and 3 days in these pictures.  I was chubbier but Mason still weighs more than I did.  I think he is taller than I was at this point.  We both have the same eyes, nose, mouth and chin though LOL! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Fun Time

Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy had a party at their house on Saturday.  There was a live band and lots of yummy food.  My favorite was the Hello Kitty cookies that Mommy failed to get a picture of before I gobbled half of it away.  Maybe Aunt Amy will have some left over?  I had a blast running around their yard and playing with the kids that were there.  I really wasn’t on my best behavior and was being a tad bit bold so we ended up leaving early.  It was still past my bedtime by the time we got home and I was too excited/cranky so I staying up partying in my bedroom until after 10:00!  When I got up the next morning I was in rare form and Daddy told Mommy to have fun with me LOL!!  Daddy said “I can see you are going to have a great day” in a sarcastic voice… well, I proved him wrong.  I was a really good girl and I also did wonderfully with my potty training too, so ha! to you Daddy.  Mommy couldn’t be more pleased that I proved him wrong either.

DSC03248-2DSC03259-2 Here is a picture of cookie.  He is 1 of 3 new kitties that uncle Dave and aunt Amy adopted.  The other 2 are named muffin and timbit lol.  Cookie didn’t care for me too much because I make quick, erratic movements but the other 2 just ignored me.  SONY DSC

SONY DSC SONY DSC I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!  I will catch up with everyone tonight.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday… Nearly

Pictures from Grandma & Grandpa’s a few weeks ago.

Strike a pose!SONY DSC Oops, underexposed sunset… hey looks good anyways LOL!DSC02601-2