Saturday, February 21, 2009

Relaxing in the sleigh.

This was taken after I did the face plant in the snow. I leaned too far over the edge when we were going around the corner and splat! I did not like it or appreciate it, and I let Mommy know about it too!!

I'm so cool!!

Just inspecting the snow.

I loved leaning over and trying to get the snow.

Next time I won't lean over too far though.

Do you like the upsidedown BBQ in the background, lol! Mommy said the wind blew it over. We had to avoid it a few times.

Making funny faces in the sun.

Picture perfect!

I love my sleigh!

Here I am pouting cause Mommy brought me back in after I fell in the snow. I was not happy about that either!

Still had my pout on.

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Natalie Porter said...

Mommy is quite the picture taker now and has the perfect model too! These are some beautiful pictures of you Taylor :) Some great sleding weather out there.
P.S. Tell mommy Abby has those same pants and she can use them for you when Abby outgrows them :)