Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A trip to the Point

Tonight we decided to go for a walk at the point.  We haven’t been there in so long because of the weather, if it wasn’t raining it was waaaay to muggy and hot.  Mommy says we will be going there more often since the weather is starting to co-operate.  I don’t want to wish the summer away but I can’t wait to see all the leaves change and play in them.



Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

Taylor we missed your pretty face! mommy is so busy right now and we really miss your smiling face everyday!

The weather has been hot here too. Last week the forcast said lower to mid 80's all week... and I was really looking forward to that... but this morning it conveniently changed to the mid 90's! So bummed!

I love your new header picture!

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

I hadn't even looked at next week's theme! Backpacks is very suiting! You can participate... I think you need to get Taylor a backpack. Madison LOVES HERS! She prefers them over purses.... She can't leave anywhere without it. Now that she carries it I started putting her diapers and wipes in there. It makes a great diaper bag and the nice thing is Madison does all the work! :D