Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hub! (Mason’s way of saying hug)


We have been away from blogland for so long.  In as little words as possible here is what has kept us away:  Thanksgiving, the gym, birthdays, Christmas, New Years, vacation, braces, appointments, indecision, school, having fun, playing, organizing, cleaning, catching up on work and friends. 

We may not have time to visit everyone’s blogs but we hope to catch up to everyone soon.  Mommy hopes to post a pick almost everyday but it may not have many words to go with it.  The blog was intended to be a photo diary of our early years anyways so Mommy is feeling guilty that she has let it go so long without any posts. 


Carly said...

So glad to see you back!

Suki said...

Such a cute picture. Good to see you back! :) Glad you are all well.

Sam Crozier said...

Yaaaa welcome back :D

Anonymous said...

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