Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daddy & I

Here are some pictures of me & Daddy. I love hanging out with him, he is a funny guy and can always get a smile out of me.

I went to the doctors yesterday and I am getting to be such a big girl! I am 28 inches long and I weigh 17 pounds and 3 ounces! Next time they weigh me it will have to be by some other means cause when Mommy put me in the regular scale I barely fit and my legs stuck waaayyy out the end, lol! I did really well with my shots too. I didn't even notice the first shot and I didn't cry when he put in the second needle but it stung when he pushed in the meds so I had to let him know I didn't like that lol!!! I only cried for about 10 seconds though and then I was fine, I even smiled at him afterwards. The doctor says the next time we see each other I will be 9 months old and I won't have to get a needle then either! Yippee!!!

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