Saturday, July 4, 2009

Canada Day Troubles

On Canada Day we went over to Natalie & Liam’s new house for a BBQ.  I was having a great time playing with the girls and running around their yard.  I of course wore my sparkly Canada shirt in hopes to get some great patriotic shots for I Heart Faces LOL, but it wasn’t meant to be!!  Here I am sitting in my lawn chair waiting for some supper.  SONY DSCThis is the only good shot of me with the shirt for the day, not because I got the shirt dirty but because we had to leave abruptly…SONY DSCThis is Lilly holding the first sparkler lit that day.  She was doing a great job holding it away from herself and making sure not to get too close to it…  we were having a great time and I wanted to get a better look.  Too close of a look in fact, before Daddy could stop me I grabbed it!SONY DSCIt was burned out by the time I grabbed a hold of it thankfully but it was still very hot!  I cried pretty hard for a minute or two and then just pretty much forgot about it.  Mommy was very angry with Daddy initially but after we left she realized that it is easy to say she wouldn’t have let it happen but then again you never know, accidents happen and it wasn’t a time to lay blame.  I can move very quickly when I want to!  They took me to the hospital and the doctor said nothing was to be done, just keep it clean.  They gave me some Tylenol at the hospital and that was pretty much it for the burn.  I pay it no attention but Mommy feels sick thinking of how bad it could have been!  DSC09924The next day we went to a sketchy restaurant with Grandma & Grandpa and I think we all got a little food poisoning.  Mommy and Daddy had some stomach issues and I threw up in my crib that night and had a fever for 24 hours.  Mommy was concerned my burn might be getting infected but it didn’t look like it was and I was using it normally and not even noticing I had a burn.  I am feeling great today though and I’m back to my old self.  So not the best Canada Day for us… maybe next year.  I’ll be sure not to grab the sparkler though!  I also want to wish all of my American friends a happy Independence Day!


Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

Oh my goodness! Poor girl... I hate when stuff like this happens! But your right things could have been worse... but things could always be worse... wo dont' worry about "Could have" and be thankful that God was watching over you two!

I love the one on the hula hoop! ADORABLE

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

I did the same thing when the girl I babysit got a cut on her eye. I worried about how bad things could have been and her mom gave me the lecture on "things happen, you can't worry about could have's!" But she was right! :D