Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Too Long

Sorry, I don't have any pictures to post because Mommy handed in her laptop to the accountant a few days after our last post. We hope to have it back in another week or two and then there will be tons of pics to share. Mason & I had a wonderful Christmas and we hope everyone else did too! The house is going great and is all drywalled and ready for mud. We can't wait to move in and get things back to normal! Hopefully soon. Florida is just around the corner and I am very excited to see the princesses.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year's!


Jeremi said...

miss you guys!

florida sounds so nice : )

so do seeing pics soon : )

take care and happy new year ....

Rachelle said...

Fabulous New Year blessings to you and the family! Enjoy that Disney excursion. It truly is an awesome place.

Unknown said...

I've missed your posts!!! Glad to hear about the progress on your house. Glad to know that things will be back to "normal" soon. (But being exiled in Florida doesn't sound too bad either.) Oh well, enjoy this time in your lives. It's an adventure. :)