Monday, December 13, 2010

Mondays With Mason And Other Things

SONY DSC Yesterday was my 3rd birthday!!  It was very low key since we are at Grandma & Grandpa’s but I had a great day anyways.  In the morning we went to the play place and my cousin Emma came along, it was really fun.  After my nap Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy came over for pizza and cake and I opened my presents.  Thanks so much for all the fun play-doh!!  I also got a doll from Grandma & Grandpa and a castle from Mommy, Daddy and Mason.  We do have pictures but they still need to be uploaded. 

Here is a picture of our house that Mommy took last week.  We are going out for lunch with Tammy tomorrow so we will go and see what else has been done.  I’m pretty sure the garage doors are on and the roof is shingled.  Now when I see the house I get a little more excited!  DSC03148-2
33 Weeks!  You know you had a good sleep when you have an imprint of the sheet on your face due to lack of movement LOL!!  Too bad this was taken over a month ago.  My sleeping is getting a bit better here but still not as good as before the move, soon…  It’s official, I am a crawler!!  I’m still not fast but I get where I want to go easily.  I’m more interested with pulling up on things these days.  
I’m not making it up on my feet yet, just to my knees but I’m trying.  I am also doing a cross between downward dog and a push up.  Mommy thinks I should slow it down a bit since her little baby girl just turned 3 but I’m ready to go, go, go!!


Rachel said...

Your house looks great! Happy Birthday Taylor!

Jeremi said...

wow, taylor and mason look so similar!! and your house is going to be beautiful, bet you're excited : )

happy belated bday to taylor too -- three is FUN!!!

mamamargie said...

Happy, happy birthday Taylor! What an improvement on the house too! It's getting done! Yahoo! :)

Sam said...

your 3!!!!! congrates, and Mason you are growing to quick STOP!

Cathy said...

That's amazing. He sure is changing fast. Hard to believe my guy will likely be there in a few months. Daddy will be thrilled with that.

Suki said...

Happy Birthday sweet Taylor.
Love that your house is almost finished. It looks wonderful.