Thursday, March 24, 2011

All In A Days Play

Actually all of these pictures were taken within an hour of each other.  Mason and I like to keep busy LOL. 

Yesterday I was playing with a toy and Mason was crawling over to try to take it.  Just before he was within arms reach I held up my hand in the air and said Mason no swiping, Mason no swiping, MASON, NO SWIPING!  Mommy laughed and laughed and both Mason and I looked at her funny.  Mommy said perhaps I watched a little too much Dora and perhaps Dora should get a GPS… whatever that means.  I just thought it might work on Mason since it seemed to work on Swiper LOL, then I told Mommy that Mason was a sneaky fox hehehe. 



Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

too cute! i like your mommy's shoes you had on too:)

Cathy said...

How funny. I'm not altogether familiar with Dora The Explorer, but isn't it funny what the little ones say. She sounds like she is a really great friend to her little brother. Abigail (my 3 year old) has been sharing stories about a little friend she has now and making up great make pretend when she plays with legos and little people. It's so fun. Yesterday she was in a funk and I was struggling with it, and Daddy mentioned she was probably jealous because the baby got a new car seat and was the center of attention. Sure enough when I gave her more attention she got out of her funk. It's so cute though...all of it, just that they know enough to have a funk and to make up stories about their make pretend world.

I love all the pictures.

Jeremi said...

that is so funny! and as usual, awesome photos! LOOOOVE your grey shoes too!

mamamargie said...

"Mason, no swiping." LOL!!! That's funny! :)

Flawless27 said...

Cute I have 2 daughters of my own and I myself remember them at that age.