Friday, April 15, 2011

All Boy

I LOVE watching the big machines doing their thing!  My birthday is just around the corner.  A year has really flew by and so much has happened.  I am almost ready to walk but not quite yet.  I often stand without holding onto anything until I notice that I’m doing it LOL.  I give high and low fives and love waving.  I’m not a man of many words, none actually.  I say dada and mum mum but I’m not aware that it actually means anything… although I usually only say mum mum mum mum when I am whiney and want something so maybe I do know what mum mum means, jury’s still out on that one LOL.  I am finally starting to enjoy reading.  I love it when Mommy lets me turn the pages but we are lucky if we get to the end of a book.  I still want to eat the book and I love turning the pages so much that I don’t want to know what that animal is what sound it makes.  I still drool like crazy and it seems like I stopped getting teeth, I haven’t cut any new teeth in months!  Where are my other 2 bottom teeth?  Mommy thinks the drool will slow a bit if they come in… hopefully! Now for the not so endearing qualities LOL.  I am a huge fit taker!  If Mommy doesn’t get my food to me fast enough I will throw myself backwards and bang my head against my highchair.  I grab onto the sides and shake the chair and I have even resorted to bending over and trying to bite the tray!!  Mommy really hopes this is not an indication that I might be a biter!  I throw toys if I don’t get my way and if I am upset and you try to distract me with something I will either take it and throw it or I will push it away or try to slap it out of your hands.  Mommy’s already scared about how I might be when I am a toddler.  What can I say, Taylor is going through her very bratty spirited, bold strong willed, and selfish independent stage LOL, I guess I have picked up on some of that.  There’s still hope for me yet, I am just a wee guy after all LOL!



Cathy said...

I can't believe he's almost a year. Mason sure dose sound fiesty. Hopefully it's a passing phase. He sure does look like Mr. Smiley in his pictures.

Rachelle said...

OMG, Mason has grown so much! And yes, boys love their big construction vehicles (mine is also into motorcycles). Such great shots of his new interest. Hope he's coming to a calm for you.