Thursday, April 14, 2011


LOL, I love the movie Megamind!  I could watch it over and over, but then again, I could watch any movie over and over again. 

We went to Lemoine Point last week.  I was really excited and kept on telling Mommy that I “wuved” her.  As excited as I was about the walk, I ended up sitting in the stroller the last half of our walk eating goldfish.  Mommy told me I could eat them as soon as we got into the van if I wanted to but hunger won over and I was content enough to just be outside enjoying the fresh air finally!!  Mason also really enjoyed the walk because he was out of his car seat and facing forward.  He liked being able to see more than just the sky. 

I started gymnastics last Saturday!  It was really fun but I would not listen to my coach and just wanted to play in the corner LOL.  Mommy ended up coming into the gym with me and we had to take part in the tall and small class instead of Kindergym.  They said it sometimes takes a few classes to get used to how things go.  In my defense I have never taken part in any type of class or had to take instruction from anyone else but my immediate family LOL!  On the other hand, I am pretty head strong and Mommy isn’t sure I will ever listen to anyone else without a fit?  It makes Mommy pretty nervous for school this fall and she is questioning if I should start this year or not?  It’s probably just Mommy getting freaked out that school is just around the corner and it all seems too soon!

Mason is doing great and will soon be 1!  Hopefully he can do a Monday with Mason soon.  If not we will definitely do a one year recap/update.


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