Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What A Beautiful Day!

It has been so nice outside this week, it’s been great!  We went for a walk twice this week at the Point and tonight we went exploring beside our house.  If you walk far enough down a trail there is a big retention pond and lots of grass.  It was actually really pretty and there are a few families of geese living there too.  We can’t wait for them to complete all the walking trails in our new neighbourhood.  Love, love, love this warm weather!



Jeremi said...

i know what you mean -- i have a post coming up titled 'finally' -- the girls played outside in the mud : )

happy thursday!

Kayla Sue said...

She is so beautiful! And so is this photo. The light, the flowers... lovely!

Suki said...

:) Love that you can enjoy the warm weather outside. Love her cute curls blowing in the wind. Taylor is such a gorgeous kid.