Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dun, Dun, Dun!!

That gross spider was in our garage! Mommy told Daddy he better kill it or else he was not getting any help bringing in the stuff from the garage! Daddy didn't like the spider either! He called Mommy to ask her to kill it, lol. Finally Daddy got up the nerve to kill him and he missed... That's when Mommy said he better find it and kill it or else. He found it and got it thankfully. Mommy is still unsure as to whether she is going to bring in all the stuff from the garage when the basement is ready.

The first picture is of me getting ready for a nap again, lol.

Today I have been having fun shaking my head back and forth. Mommy shakes her head too and it really makes me laugh! Learning new things is fun!!


Natalie Porter said...

I have the jeebs...... YUCK! I would have died if I saw that. Can we say bad dreams or what? Lilly wants to know how Mike killed the spider.

Taylor said...

I'm not sure how he killed it, I got out of dodge as soon as he missed it the first time and the spider wasn't in sight any more. I think he used a 2x4. LOL!! That is what he tried to get it with the first time. He wanted to be as far away as possible if he missed!!

Natalie Porter said...

LOL Lilly thinks when Mike missed that he didn't ever find the spider. She thinks it's still alive!

Taylor said...

That's what I said to Mike! I acused him of just trying to get my help with the boxes and if I saw that spider he was dead meat LOL!!! Fortunatley he didn't like the thought of that thing creeping and crawling around out there either and he did kill it. I made him show me the remains, lol!!