Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm a big girl!

Yesterday was my 9 Month check-up. I am 30 inches long and I weigh 19 pounds & 3 ounces! Mommy says I am going to be long and lean like Daddy. I hope I am not too tall, lol!! Actually they said I was almost 31 inches but Mommy & Daddy thought the measuring was a little off. They just mark on a peice of paper that I lie down on it gets crinkled under me. Daddy said that it is not exact and the nurse laughed and asked if he was always like that? Mommy said yes, he's a carpenter, measure twice cut once, lol!!!

It shouldn't be too long before I am crawling! I am doing the army crawl now and I am always trying to get my knees under me. Daddy better get on that baby gate! Mommy tells him everyday that we need to get one. She wants him to go with her so he can pick it out. That way he can't moan & whine that she got the wrong one, LOL!!:-)

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