Friday, September 19, 2008

I don't like the word NO!

I am having a fit in the first 2 pitures. I really want to have my way with that receiver and DVD player, but everytime I get close enough Mommy tells me NO! So I have to throw my head down and give her the poor, defenseless me routine. When she tells me that I am okay I lift my head back up and give her that cute smile of mine and I try and touch it again, after all she might not really mean NO. Then of course she does mean no and says NO! So I have to start the routine all over again! I did it 4 times before I gave up... I'll try again tomorrow!

The last 3 photos are of me in another Winter hat Mommy bought me! Mommy thinks the ears are hilarious... I don't mind them, it gives me something to look at in the mirror anyways.

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Natalie Porter said...

oh Taylor you sad girl! :(