Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh So Sleepy!!

Last Saturday Aunt Amy came up and we went shopping. Well since we are all girls you know there was no way we would be done shopping by 10:00 so I missed my morning nap. I just wasn't up to sleeping in the car that day so I stayed up. After Aunt Amy left Mommy and I went down stairs to the basement to play with my toys. I played for about a half and hour but I was getting pretty crancky and tired. It was 2:00 & Mommy decided I might need to go for my nap early, so she went upstairs to get my bottle ready. When she came back downstairs this is what she found, lol!!! I was so sleepy I couldn't wait for my bottle, I fell asleep without it. Don't worry though, she woke me up to give it to me, but not before she snapped some pictures. Mommy rubbed my back and called my name but I was out and didn't wake up until she picked me up, hehehe!!

Aunt Amy came up again today and we did some more shopping (thanks for visiting) but this time we came home at 10:00 and I had a nap before we went out again, lol!!

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