Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Here are some pics from my night.

Here I am with Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy! I'm so glad they came over, we had lots of fun!!

Here I am with Mommy. She loved to see me in my costume. I'm glad we got some pics together.



Here I am checking out all the decorations. Mommy just set them up that day so I hadn't seen them before. I liked them.

Here I am in my outfit for the day. It was fun dressing up in something other than pink, lol!!

Here I am waving at Mommy. She was waving her hand at me trying to get my attention so I would look at the camera but I thought she was just waving so I waved back hehehe!

I was a bee for halloween! I didn't sting anyone though...

This is Mommy's favorite picture of the night! I sat in my Bumbo and waited for the kids to come to the door for some treats. I loved it when they came to see me. I really like seeing all of the great costumes. A little boy came over and he had a lion costume on. I thought he was especially cute... I wonder if he lives around here, hahahaha!!!


Natalie Porter said...

Aren't you the most Bee-utiful little bee I ever saw! Looks like you did have fun! How many kids did you get??

Taylor said...

Sadly only about 20 kids. We have too much junk food left in the house but Daddy is putting a dent in it, lol!!