Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flower Inspection

We went to a park the other day and they had a nice little memorial with a walkway lined with flowers.  I had a great time at the park and can’t wait to go back.  I will post some more park pics tomorrow.





Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

those flowers sure are pretty! What a pretty park you got to visit!

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

Dumb Question:

So my husband and I are thinking of taking a family vacation next year. And we were looking into Legoland in California but my husband would rather do a more relaxing vacation in the mountain's along a lake.

I saw a program recently on vacation spots in Canada. My dumb question is are passports required if we drive through? What about if we fly. I am assuming they are but wasn't sure.

My other question is if we did go there we live in Idaho so we would want to vacation probably North of Coueur D'Alene so is there any places you can think of you would recommend. I was going to start pricing everything. Our anniversary is in December and I wanted to surprise him with a trip. Thanks!

Natalie said...

I must say Taylor your inspecting job looks much more interesting than Daddy's :) Hope we can see you guys soon.

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, those pictures are just adorable. The joys of summer! :)