Saturday, September 25, 2010

And So It Begins

DSC00054-2So excited to be starting a new season, especially this one.  The colours are amazing and inspiring.  HAPPY FALL!!


Maria said...

We have no pretty colors here, it's been so dry!! You are lucky! Can't wait to see more pictures.
Taylor & Mason are growing so much!!

Rachelle said...

This is my FAVORITE season. I cannot wait for a free weekend when we can visit the reservoir park and enjoy.

Natalie said...

LOVE all those fall colors in the background! Getting VERY excited here. Did you say balloons and "mini photo session"? LOL Because if you did and it means you are going to take photos with my kids involved I am ALL in! LOL Actually, looking forward to a visit with you guys. Seems like forever again. We are ALMOST all healed. Talk soon!

Kayla Sue said...

Fall, Fall, Fall... I love you.

Great shot!