Saturday, September 4, 2010

I’m Still Here!


DSC08193-2DSC08211-2C-_Users_candice_Pictures_Taylor-33-Months_DSC08477-3 I am still around but Mason has been monopolizing my blog LOL.  Just kidding we have just been busy with life stuff and so unfortunately my blog has been ignored a little.  We have listed the house so keeping it clean takes up most of Mommy’s extra time.  These dark hardwood floors are the worst when it comes to keeping them clean.  In the new house Mommy is looking forward to light maple hardwood floors again!!  Sure, sure, the dark hardwood looks great in pictures and allows you to get some fun shots but in real life and not still life they suck… right Nat?!!  For instance look at the above picture, see all the little crumbs on the floor?  That’s floor was just vacuumed a few hours earlier and you can’t even see all the smug marks, see this post for a good look.

The first 2 pictures were taken when we went to the park.  I am getting so big and Mommy is finally loosening the reigns a little.  I am right in the middle of the wanting to do it MYSELF stage.  So when I demanded to go up and down by myself she let me… Daddy is just out of sight of the camera though LOL. 


Jeremi said...

always fun to see new pics and read new posts : )

Natalie said...

Indeed my friend! Indeed! BTW thinking about keeping houses clean... I am having a Norwex party at my place on the 16th (Sunday) and all products are chemical free (perfect for homes with littles). Products cut cleaning time in half too! I am excited for this party. Will send you more info soon!

Suki said...

:) The wanting to do it herself phase can be exhausting for mommy!
Hope Miss Taylor and Mr. Mason are well today.