Monday, September 6, 2010

Mondays With Mason

DSC08958-1 Am I really 19 weeks tomorrow?!  The past week has been filled with reaching up and grabbing faces and other toys hanging above me.  Up until now I have just been reaching in front of me but now I am reaching upwards.  I am also reaching for toys in front of me while I am on my tummy.  I am getting so strong while on my tummy now and can hold myself up with one arm while I play with a toy .  My toes continue to fascinate me and I am able to get them in my mouth with no problems now.  Watching everything that Taylor does is quickly becoming a favorite activity for me.  If I am in a good mood and all my needs are met I will sit on Mommy’s knee or in my chair and just follow her around the room with my eyes.  If she gets close to me I will smile and try to get her attention by making noise.  Taylor is mostly too busy to bother with me but she does stop to kiss or rub my head many times a day.  Mommy wonders how Taylor will react once I am able to chase her around LOL! 


Unknown said...

Oh, yeah! The chasing part will be fun! :)

Unknown said...

He is way to cute... love his eyes!

Unknown said...

You sound like me... ignoring your blog! I just can't seem to get it all together... and I am babyless.... So what is my excuse? I really have been spending a lot of my time at I am on the design team over there so trying to do my monthly duties over there. I haven't even been participating at IHF anymore :(

Now that my boys are both in school I am hoping to find more free time. This week my laptop decided to break down on me. This is my brand new laptop too! So I have been computerless. I temporarily have it fixed for a few days and have 4 sessions I have to proof through before shipping back to HP for a 3rd repair. So annoying... Until then I have no computer.

Also on that shot of baby on elbows holding up head. I am told that baby has to be 10 days old or less. Mason is probably already too big. :( It is because they can hold up their necks and move around a lot. It was so hard to get that shot but it is a matter of balance and patience. Mommy stood back while I got baby into place and as soon as I got baby balanced she snapped the photo. I just had everythiing set and focused for her. I dont think I could do that shot without an extra hand. There is just not enough time. Baby only stayed in that position for maybe 4 seconds and then started falling over. Anyways I love all your pictures. You have such a beautiful family. How is the house selling going? Wish I could afford to buy your house... and move it to Boise! It is a gorgeous home!!!