Saturday, January 29, 2011

And… We’re Back!

We had an amazing, fun filled holiday!  Disney was so much fun and Mommy took sooo many pictures that I could never post them all but I will try to post a few every day for a while.  We are only weeks away from moving into our new house so things are still pretty busy around here.  Mommy and I are looking forward to when we can start posting again on a regular basis.  We went to see the house yesterday and the kitchen is in!!  The tile is down, the paint is done, we are just waiting for the hardwood, lights and sinks to be installed and all the final touches to be finished.  It will be great finally get things organized again.    

You just know Mommy had to do this to Mason, LOL!!!  As you can tell, he didn’t like it one bit, not because they were girly ears but because he didn’t like the feel of them on his head. 
 SONY DSCThis balloon was the best investment (Mommy says investment because it was $10!!!).  It was worth every penny!  Mason & I have played with it everyday and loved it.  Mason crawls around all over the place with it and I love taking it from him to get him to chase me.  The best part is that we have had it for 2 weeks and it still looks as good as when we got it!!               



I know that’s not much of a post but it’s a start at least, LOL!


mamamargie said...

Good to hear from you again! Love that balloon!! And Mason's face with the Mickey ears is priceless. Glad to hear you're all about ready to move in. It will be a relief to have everything in one place again.

Jeremi said...

yay! a post : ) and pictures!!

that balloon is so cool and definitely worth the $10 -- and mason's expression wearing the mouse ears is awesome : )

i bet you're super eager to get in your house, sounds great!

Cathy said...

What a funny picture of Mason. Poor guy. Maybe he knew what you were doing to him, beyond the feeling on his head. LOL. :)

What an incredibly long lasting balloon. Your kiddos sound like so much fun and your vacation sounds like the best. I'm glad you all had a fun time. And, soon you'll be in your new house.

Rachel said...

That balloon is so cool!