Friday, January 7, 2011

More, more, more.

Some more January pictures.  I still need to post some holiday shots but Mommy is trying to keep caught up with her pictures this year, LOL!  That will last probably until we go to Florida and after she takes a bazillion pictures it will all seem to over whelming again!  Oh well, maybe it will work, maybe not. 

We had a great Christmas and New Year’s.  Mason and I were very spoiled and loved every minute of it.  Mommy was also very spoiled herself, on Christmas Eve Daddy gave her a new camera!  It’s the Sony a850 and she calls it her “even bigger girl camera”, LOL.  

Our New Year’s was actually just like any other day.  Mason and I went to bed at our regular time and Mommy went to bed earlier than her usual time.  Mason was teething and was up quite a bit the night before so staying up till midnight and then having another long night was not her cup of tea. 



Cathy said...

Taylor continues to look so elegant. I love the top two shots of her. What a dolly.

Maria said...

Those eyes are just so mesmerizing! I love them. Lucky Mommy and her new toy!! Poor Mason, hopefully his toofer will be in soon!

Jeremi said...

welcome back!! such fun to look at your past few posts and new photos -- i've missed you guys!

beautiful shots of both kids, as usual.

so glad to hear things are going well, your new home is looking great!

: ) jeremi

Natalie said...

Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! Hope you got lots of snow!! Eeeeeee!

Rachelle said...

Keep shooting, Mommy. When you get a chance, visit and next year, when Mason is not so new, consider trying for one of the scholarships :)

Suki said...

:) Looks like you have lovely times in the snow. Looks like the house is soon to be finished, no?