Monday, January 10, 2011

Mondays With Mason

37 Weeks!  Lots has been happening since I last posted.  I can crawl easily and get around quite quickly too.  If you hold my hands I will walk but I am not cruising yet.  I have no fear and that is sometimes not good since I fall over so much because I love to pull up on things so much!

  I now have 6 teeth!  Mommy is glad that my top 2 teeth are finally through because I was pretty miserable until they broke through. 

I am copying all sorts of things that Taylor does and I already love to chase her around the house.  I’m also playing with my toys now, my favorite thing to do is to push my cars and “dance” to music.  I love growing up but Mommy wishes I would slow down just a bit LOL!  SONY DSC


Short Leg Lucy said...

He is ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!

Natalie said...

Great picture! Mason is so sweet! I cannot believe how quickly these babies grow up on us. Thanks for having us over Sunday! I could not believe it waas only 6pm when we left. It was so dark out it felt like 10pm! LOL

mamamargie said...

Yes, slow down. Babies grow up waaaay too fast

Cathy said...

I always have to translate your weeks into months! LOL. He's getting quite big at about 9 months. He should slow down now, I absolutely love that age, but I have a feeling he won't. Neither will mine.