Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bed Head and Messy Face

Two of Mason because Mommy couldn’t decide which one she liked better. 

Yesterday was a lazy day and so this is how I looked all day LOL!  Mason tried broccoli again and this time he loved it.  He smashed it up and scrunched it in his fingers and then ate it.  Although he wore a bunch of it he also managed to eat most of it, he loves being able to do new things, and just like me, wants to do it by himself.  Hope you’re having a lazy weekend too.



Natalie said...

We may have our own lazy day tomorrow :) Cute pics. Glad to have been able to visit with you guys the other night.

Jeremi said...

lazy days are awesome!!
super cute pics too : )

mamamargie said...

Having a lazy day today - minus the broccoli! Love the pics! :)

Pam said...

Despite the bedhead and messy face, your babies are beautiful!!!

Cathy said...

Oh, man. I love the second broccoli picture.