Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some Christmas Pics

LOL!!  Okay, I know this is way past the point but this post has been sitting in the “draft” section for quite some time.  Mommy never did get around to adding more Christmas pics and that’s why we haven’t posted it but I decided to just get it out of limbo land anyways. 

The move went fairly easy but we are still getting things organized and unpacked.  This was Mommy and Daddy’s first move with kids so not only is there twice the amount of stuff to move but things only get done when it’s good for Mason and I.  Last move for a long time… hopefully!  So far, the only thing that has had it’s picture taken, is the roof, but we’ll save that story for another post.  This house is so nice and bright and Mommy loves all of the natural light but just needs to find some extra energy before she starts getting snap happy… soon though. 





Catherine said...

Taylor ~ You are too cute for words!!!

Maria said...

How cute. Love the house pictures!!
I have missed you!