Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No, I won't put my head down!

Here I am lifting my head up. I refuse to put it down these days. I prefer the view from this vantage point than to just stare at the ceiling when Mommy lays me down. I do this all the time except when I am sleeping, lol! I even do it when Mommy is changing my diaper, when I am not trying to get away that is. HeHeHe!!

We had a good weekend. Mommy & Aunt Amy had another yard sale and Mommy gave me half of the money she made. I am getting quite the stash in the wallet that Mommy bought me. I want to spend it but Mommy says we have to save it... boo hiss boo! I will try to post a little more often but Mommy is busy and I am keeping her that way too, lol!!

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