Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This & That

Here are a bunch of different shots. In the first one Mommy stuck my bunny-bear blanky on my head. I liked it up there so I left it there until I was done watching my video. In the next picture Daddy & I were just having some play time on my mats. The next is me sleeping in my crib. I really like sleeping on my stomach (just like Mommy). Then in the next one I am playing under the dresser that was brought upstairs until the basement is finished. I think it is fun to have a hiding spot. Last but not least I am playing in the stools. I like holding onto them and looking at them from underneath. I think that Mommy & Daddy better get rid of them once I start to try and pull up on them though, I might topple one of them over. Daddy doesn't think so but Mommy said just incase, lol!!!

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