Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another trip to the park!

Mommy & I didn't end up going to the park with Tammy cause it was too wet. We did go out to lunch though and we had a very good time with her. We will miss her when she is away :-(

When we finished lunch it was nice outside and we got a call from Daddy. He was on his way home and wanted to know if I still wanted to go to the park. YES!! It was pretty windy and the sun was out so we figured it would probably be okay and not to wet. It was okay and not too wet at all! I had lots of fun swinging with Daddy and bouncing on the see-saw thingy they had. We went to a different park this time. Not as picturesque but just as fun. I am squinting in a few of the pictures cause it was really sunny outside, lol!! We figured it out though and turned me away from the sun and still got some pretty good pics, I hope you like them.

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Natalie Porter said...

Some great pictures! Love the one with you and Taylor just sitting at the top of the slide and the one of Taylor and Mike on the swing! Too cute! The close up of them is priceless too!
Woodbine Park right?