Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hodge Podge

Here I am sipping my water from my straw cup! I really like drinking from the straw. I still get it all over the place but it is fun.

Here I am making funny faces!! Actually I am just rolling my tongue over my teeth, I really like the feel of my teeth.

In this one I am showing off my crawling skills. I still mostly do the army crawl but since we got the carpet I have been really trying to get this new crawl mastered. I have been getting up on all 4's but it was just yesterday that I finally crawlled after the cat. I gave up and did the army crawl after 20 seconds cause I can go faster the other way, lol!! Someday I'll get that cat!!

That's me finally standing! Well I could always stand as long as someone helped me up but in this picture I pulled myself up!! I pulled myself up in the playpen for the first time on Friday night when Mommy, Daddy, Nat & Liam were having dinner! I started fussing though cause I couldn't get back down, lol!! This trying new things is exciting but tuff!! I pulled myself up for the first time on Thursday. I used Mommy as leverege, lol!!

And finally this is just a picture of me looking cute! I have had an exciting busy few weeks. I wonder what else I can do? Aunt Amy & Uncle Dave are coming up tonight, I can't wait, I love going out!

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Natalie Porter said...

OMG you are SO beautiful and growing so fast!! So many accomplishments for one little girl in just a few days!! We are proud of you big girl! Hopefully you can have a play with the girls soon enough... once there are no more runny noses and no chance of a cold :)
Have fun going out tonight with Aunt Amy and Uncle Dave!