Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love the park!!

Mommy finally took me to the park!! I have only been alive for nine and a half months, you would think she might have got around to it a little sooner, hehehehe!! She promised we would go more often so long as it wasn't raining. I loved it! I loved swinging on the swing and strolling down the lanes. I also like the slide. I really liked the slide when she turned me around and let me slide down it backwards. We don't have any pictures of that though cause Mommy doesn't have enough hands, lol!! I will post more pictures of our park adventure tomorrow.

The sweater and hat that Natalie, Liam and the girls bought me finally fits, thanks guys!! I really like it and it looks good on me too, hahahaha!!

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Natalie Porter said...

OMG you are beyond cute! Momma took some great shots of you Taylor! I cannot wait to see more!!