Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please pray for Stellan

My friend at And Then There Were Three told me about a great idea to get the word out that baby Stellan needs all the thoughts and prayers that he can get. He is in SVT and is in the hospital and the doctors can't get his heart rate to come back down. To read more about his condition and for updates please go to MckMama's and leave some encouraging words for her and her family.

Lauren at Knowing Norrah has started a picture post gallery and wants everyone to take a picture with Stellan's name in it so MckMama can see that we are all thinking of her and her family. This was done before when Stellan was in the womb and he had the same troubles and it helped MckMama and her family then. So head on over to Knowing Norrah and join in on the picture gallery for Stellan.


Natalie Porter said...

isn't this a great idea? the girls and I have been spelling Stellan eveywhere all day -- even with their bodies. will post those later. but we also spelled it out in puffs on the kitchen counter and left it there so everytime we enter the kitchen we see it and think of him.

Anonymous said...

great minds think alike, right? :)

Carol said...

Is that beads? I love that!