Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5th

Today I went to see Santa at the mall today.  I sat on his knee and had my picture taken with him.  I did pretty good this year…  I didn’t cry lol.  However, I really didn’t smile too much.  In fact,  I was pretty suspicious of the guy hehehe.  Everyone was trying to get me to smile but I didn’t want to get too distracted because I had to keep an eye on Santa.  After a little bit I warmed up to him enough to look at him and we looked at a book together.  I half smiled but I kept my distance.  Mommy will scan a picture of that maybe later tonight. 

I loved getting dressed up and I ran around the house twirling.  Mommy isn’t going to post a full picture of my outfit because it is the one I will be wearing on Christmas eve.



Shannon said...

Santa can be a pretty scary guy, but, I promise, you will grow to LOVE that man! Especially around this time of year! Love the Little Monsters School Bus!

Cathy said...

Your outfit is so beautiful - just the part I can see of it. And you looks so absolutely serious driving that bus, I thought you really were driving a real bus for a second. Your Mommy sure takes lovely pictures of you.

Suki said...

oh my gosh! Her outfit is just too stinkin' cute.