Thursday, December 10, 2009

Help... Which one?

Mommy and Daddy have finally agreed on some names for baby brother. Out of the top 100 names they have only agreed on 4 names lol! Please tell them what name is your favorite and then your next favorite.

1. Jackson Alexander
2. Nicholas Alexander
3. Owen Alexander
4. Carter Alexander

Mommy loves Alexander for the first name but Daddy is not agreeable since it is his middle name.


Natalie said...

Carter has to be one of my favorites I think.
Then Jackson.
Then Owen.
Well, now I am not sure.... Yup that's what I am going with. Good luck choosing just one! Liam and I have kinda dropped the subject on names here. We have added Ellie into the mix but think Ellie and Lilly might be a bit confusing? What do you think?

Jeremi said...

They are all great, but I LOVE Nicholas!!

Shannon said...

JACKSON Alexander... sounds SO distinguished! Like a senator! LOVE it!
Owen Alexander! :) My two faves anyway! Hope you guys come to an agreement! :)
When I was pregant, I picked the name for Xaria and Mike picked Tylan. I had Xaria's name picked out before I was even SURE she was a girl and Mike came up with Tylan as I was pushing to give birth! LOL! Says a little about our personalities, wouldn't you say! ;)

4chalseys@blogger said...

I think my favorites are Owen (because it's more uncommon) and Nicholas. Completely personal preference : )

Owen and Nicholas sound good for little kids AND for grown men.

Good luck! You just can't go wrong... they are all great names!

Maria said...


But I like them all, lol.

Suki said...

My favourite is Nicholas Alexander.
Jackson and Owen is great too.

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

Owen is my favorite then Jackson!

Unknown said...

Jackson hands down!

My friend spells it Jaxon... I LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

now i wish i had cookies! They look sooooo yummy! My boys love to help in the kitchen too! I always try to plan on taking twice as long and making a big mess with the boys... but it is worth it

Michelle said...

I like Carter... not liking Owen at all. I like Jackson... and Nicholas. You need to ask yourself if you are okay with people calling them Jack and Nick?
Good Luck!