Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Test

Okay, so this new printer has caused quite the dilema LOL! It seemed like no matter where Mommy looked all the colours were coming out differently. Today she decided to go out and buy a colour calibrater for her monitor (who knew that the screens were shipped out so blue??!!)and that fixed a bit of the problems but it takes some getting used to the new colours. Mommy wonders how many people actually have their monitors calibrated and will that just make her pictures look even funnier? The ultimate goal was to get the pictures to print out the same way she sees them after editing and it is pretty close so that solves that. However, she discovered that Windows Live Writer loses the Adobe colour profile when it uploads the pictures to my blog. We love the Live Writer because it is so easy and fast, not to mention it allows her to change the size of her pictures easily too. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or is there another program that others use to upload posts to their blogs besides the blogger one?

The second picture is what Mommy sees when she edits and the first one is what Windows Live Writer posts.


Catherine Anne said...

I have thought about this too. Great post! What camera and flash do you use?

Catherine Anne said...

No it has not, but mine too came out much different then when edited. I'm wanting to look into this. Your natural lighting is amazing. I use a canon 40 D. I struggle with lighting.

Unknown said...

I have had the same problems with my photos. I found that smugmug does a great job in printing out my photos but places like Walmart of Fred meyers are a joke. I never print there unless I am in a hurry.

I have never heard of fixing the monitor. If you have some time post something on that. I would like to know if that may help me. I hate how things change when printing!

Cathy said...

Ha. I do wonder if we see something different than you see, now that your monitor is callibrated. The first one looks better to me.

I've heard of this issue with printing versus screen appearance, but I guess I haven't done enough printing for me to notice. There are issues with Photoshop I know when you use the save for web that actually (sometimes depending on the colors) make the photo look differently saved (and therefore when live up on a website) than how you see it in Photoshop. I discoverd this when I made an attrocious looking image for our business website. I've changed my settings in Photoshop so that's not an issue. Your issue though, I think is another issue altogether and I was getting ready to send off a bunch of my pictures to be printed. Perhaps I should get this fixed as well.


Cathy said...

Ahhh! But, then, as you were saying, then if I callibrate my screen, then will I be messing up images I make in terms of how the majority of people that view them, see them?