Monday, January 4, 2010

Test Post

Mommy got a printer for Christmas and she just tried to print out some pictures that she edited.  When they printed out the colour was horrible and she thought she needed to adjust the settings or something?  Daddy suggested it was her editing and she was highly insulted lol, she called him over to the laptop and showed him the difference in what she saw and what was printed!  So after much frustration and a trip downstairs to the desk top monitor she finally figured out that it was mostly the way she had the screen positioned when she was editing.  Daddy laughed and said he was right… it was her editing he he he.  So she re-edited the following picture in the new screen position and it printed out much better!!  Do you see a difference? 


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4chalseys@blogger said...

I wish I could help, but my laptop is junk for color. When I print (send them to print) I use RGB and for online pics I use sRGB. I'm definitely not a color guru. On my uncalibrated laptop monitor that I have to use until my decent monitor comes back to me the first picture looks very colorful and good and the second looks washed out. Just what I see. Take it with a grain of salt.