Wednesday, January 6, 2010



This isn’t my drawing of Mommy, we borrowed it from someone on Flickr.  It depicts her feelings very well though so we thought it was perfect lol!  Three days ago I may have been a little naughty and accidentally/on purpose made her external hard drive come crashing to the floor.  Mommy checked it out and it seemed to be running slowly but still working, the next day it worked a little but not too much and by last night it wasn’t working at all. 

Mommy called her computer guy she used to work with and he says he can fix it (phew).  However it will take a few days and unfortunately it has every picture of me ever taken on it which means no I Heart Faces again this week… boo hoo!  I know we could still take some shots and get them in this week but it just wouldn’t be the same as the ones she was planning on doing and really there was no shot at winning anyways but it was all about the fun of it and seeing what everyone else was up to.  We will still try and see what others are doing and get inspiration from them. 

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.


Bridgette said...

Oh no!!! I hope you get it fixed soon. I love seeing pics of Taylor (even if she was naughty) :)

Jeremi said...

I love it, a little naughty : )
Glad it's fixable!

Catherine said...

I feel your pain! I might finally get mine back in 2 more days (3 weeks without)! Time to get an external hard drive and copy everything! Glad it's recoverable!!! Can't wait to see her sweet happy little face again soon.

Suki said...

Oh no!
This must be really painful for mommy and glad it is fixable.

Shannon said...

I haven't been able to use my external for quite some time now! I'm very frustrated... my husband says that we just need to wait to get our new computer and he has a plan... and if it doesn't work I'm going to CRY MY EYES OUT, too!

Catherine Anne said...

Oh no, Im so sorry!!!!

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

oh no! Oh Taylor... you sound like you would fit in so well at my house! I have so many of those same stories. i am so glad that it is fixable because I couldn't imagine that ever happening to me.

P.S. Tell your mommy that I use to store all my photos. It helps me sleep better knowing that I can't lose my photos.