Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Part II

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This Halloween was so much fun for me because Uncle Rob and Aunt Laurie brought my cousin Emma up to play with me for a while and then we went out trick or treating together!  I had lots of fun walking up to houses with her and she helped me ring doorbells.  Mason only went to a few close neighbours that we knew because it was VERY COLD out yesterday, in fact, it snowed most of the day!!  It didn’t stay on the ground though but we did manage to snap this shot.


Grandma and Grandpa also came up to see Mason and I in our costumes and helped pass out candies.  They also brought some yummy chili for supper but I just ate garlic bread because beans and burger are not my favorite LOL. 


Rachelle said...

Don't the two of you look cute, Taylor! I love the sheep costume. Such a great choice. Oh, and Mason is starting to take after his big sister. Two beautiful kids in one house - your parents are blessed.

Pam said...

Their costumes are adorable!!! Mason is getting sooo big.

Jeremi said...

what great costumes!! sounds like a fun weekend : ) bt the snow ..... oh my! we haven't had any here yet but it's coming : )

i just realized i don't know the beginning of taylor's story -- would you mind sharing?

have a great tuesday!

Rachel said...

Taylor and Mason are starting to look more and more alike:). Can't believe it snowed on Halloween for y'all!!!

Maria said...

They are so cute!! They look like little snuggle bugs!