Thursday, December 11, 2008


This morning when Daddy brought me downstairs this was waiting for me! Mommy says it is a Christmas Tree and that I have sen one before but I don't remember that!! I was just minding my own business checking things out this morning when I noticed the tree. My eyes went wide and I looked at Daddy in amazement! I pointed to the tree and asked eestiss? (what's this) Mommy came down and took some pictures of me checking it out but the best pictures were taken tonight when it was really lit up! I hope you like the pics! I think the kitty likes the tree more than I do, that's where he hangs out most of the day, under it!

Yippee, it's my birthday tomorrow!!

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Natalie Porter said...

Great pictures Candice! I LOVE the ones of you and Taylor checking out the tree... some great memories to keep forever!