Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's my Birthday Week!!

In light of my upcoming birthday this Friday I have decided to give my Blog a little birthday bling! Hope you like it.

In the first 3 picture I am just hanging out with Daddy and doing a little TV watching. In the one picture I thought the scene was too scary for him so I covered his eye, lol!!! Just kidding but I do like to give him a hard time every now and then hehehe!! The last 2 pics are of me in my Christmas outfit that I wore to get my picture taken with Santa! I did not care for Santa at all! As soon as Mommy set me on his lap I protested and let everyone know within earshot that I did not appreciate that at all, lol!! My picture with Santa didn't turn out the best but maybe next I will warm up to him a bit. They did manage to get a picture of me between crying fits so my face wasn't too scrunched up, it just looks a little pouty.

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