Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poor Baby Girl!

After getting Taylor up from her nap yesterday I quickly discovered that she was not the same baby I put down for her nap. She was lethargic, fevered and breathing quickly... my baby is sick! Not too shortly after she started throwing up. Poor thing, she was not happy. We called the health line cause she just had her 1 year shots 24 hours earlier so we thought it might be something to do with that but they just think she has the flu :(. She hasn't thrown up since 11:30 last night so we are hoping the worst is over but she is still very tired and quite moody, lol! Hopefully she will be better soon and have more to say for herself but for now she needs her rest.

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Natalie Porter said...

Poor Darlin'! I was gonna call you today to let you know Abigail has a runny nose and that maybe we shouldn't come tomorrow :(
Let me know how Taylor is feeling tomorrow morning and we will play it by year if you like or maybe we can plan for Monday or something?? Hope you are feeling better soon baby!
Wanted to tell you also that last night Lilly heard Trace Adkins on the radio and said "That's Taylor's song"! Thought that was totally sweet. Liam asked what the heck we were talking about so I told him Lilly recognized the song from Taylor's blog... he was shocked!