Friday, December 5, 2008

Silly Mommy!

Here I am looking a little silly! Mommy wanted to try out my barretts again. As you can see I have a bit more hair than the last time she did this so she made my hair look like there was a fountain on my head, tisk, tisk, tisk, lol!!

I am completely over my cold now, I have been for about a week now, I'm glad that is over. Having a stuffy nose is not fun. I do however have a brand new black eye! I wasn't watching what I was doing last night and just as Mommy was saying "be careful Tayor" I pulled out one of the baskets from the coffee table and because I was only holding onto the basket and not the table I fell forward and gave myself a shiner, boo hoo!! It hurt and I cried for a bit but was quite happy to get my DVD case that I was searching for in the first place, lol! I hope this black eye is gone before my Birthday party next Saturday, it won't look nice in pictures, hehehe!! Mommy says I will look beautiful no matter what though.

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