Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Trails

Mommy & I went for a long walk this morning.  We were walking for an hour and a half!  We went from one exit to another and around a big trail.  I saw so many new things today, it was very exciting.

We saw a frog!                                                             A blue jay!

SONY DSC                     SONY DSC

A squirrel!                                                                    A lamb!

SONY DSC                     SONY DSC

The sun (ahh! bright light)!                                  Some flowers!


And a pack of toddlers!


Okay, so maybe the toddlers weren’t wild, but they sounded like they were LOL!!  I think it was a field trip with all their parents because one lady was leading everyone and they had to try and find things and put it into their brown bags.  Mommy thought that was a great idea and made a mental note for when I am a bit older.  I have never seen a frog, blue jay, or a lamb before (only in books) so it was really fun to see new things this morning.  I had my pointer finger out many times today!

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Natalie Porter said...

Looks like you and Mommy had fun :) I am glad you are loving nature so much and this beautiful weather. Tell Mommy how crafty she is getting for me! Love the editing and layout of pictures! She's so smart!