Monday, May 11, 2009

Ottawa Tulip Festival!


We went to the tulip festival this weekend!  Unfortunately it was raining and a little cool but we went anyways.  It was actually really pretty to see all the water droplets all over the flowers, it made them seem like they were glowing a little!  Mommy & I can’t wait to go next year, and hopefully we can go on a sunny day LOL!!  Aunt Amy came with us and we all met Aunt Shannon and the kids in Ottawa.  Only the adults seemed to mind the rain, I didn’t mind at all, I was kept dry LOL!!  I have tons of pictures of the flowers and will post some more later.  Mommy is trying out some new things with elements again…  I hope she doesn’t take too long.  There was so many tulips and they were all so beautiful!  They had spots were you could go in amongst them and take your picture.  Thankfully we had Aunt Amy to take some pictures of Mommy and I together, it seems to be a rare picture with both of us in it. 


Natalie Porter said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope you got to take some tulips home with you too :)

Ter said...

you must be a fellow canadian!

I bet the tulip fest is beautiful. I've never been to Ottawa yet. Someday maybe.

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

How fun! That looks like so much fun to go too! Your camera takes beautiful pictures! It captured the tulips so beautifully!

You and your daughter are so adorable! It's great to see picture of mommy and daughter together because most of the times... we are on the opposite end taking the picture. Hope you had a good mother's day

Cathy said...

Love the muted, filtered sunshine. Nice pictures of you!