Friday, May 1, 2009

Popsicle… YUMMMMMY!

Mommy went to Tim Horton’s to get coffee and when she got back she found this!  Daddy gave me a popsicle.  I had so much fun trying to eat it.  I would stick the end in my mouth and then take it out immediately.  It was so cold but it was so fun.  After a while the novelty wore off and that was when I discovered that it was just as much fun to feed it to Daddy.  Mommy ended up throwing it out after all the fun was over but not before Daddy and I were covered with orange popsicle LOL!!


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Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

Too funny! Those things are so messey aren't they! A little secret I learned over the years is to take a plastic lid (like one you would get from McDonalds (mmmm ... fries!) Anyways and stick it on the bottom of the stick. Then it keeps the mess off your hands!

Also I wanted to tell you that if you wanted to follow this blog instead I have a daughter about your age and you can see all the things she does at my house (for example she dumped my cell phone in the toilet yesterday, and today she snuck into the pantry and poured out a family sized box of cheerios on the ground...!)

Anyways have a great weekend! Thanks for all the cute blogs and pictures! You have such a cute family

Natalie Porter said...

Wow! That is one smart lady! I better start saving those McDonalds lids for the future huh? LOL
Taylor you are so cute and I always love the pictures Mommy takes of you and Daddy -- tell Daddu he looks really silly in these pictures! Such a ham he is! You though will always be super cute. We are all still sick here. Hopefully we can have a play soon!