Saturday, October 24, 2009

Angie & Amy’s Pick and a Sweet Smile!

This week Mommy was one of Angie and Amy’s picks over at I Heart Faces!  She was very excited to get her first award because it was a special picture for Mommy, Daddy and I, thanks Angie and Amy!  I must say I am surprised it wasn’t a shot of my sweet face and it was a picture of something she peed on lol.  Speaking of my sweet face here is a picture of it, oh wait, that’s not my face.  It’s a few pics of me pretending I have a baby in my belly.  Actually Mommy’s not too sure that’s what I’m doing but it is a coincidence that I started doing this lately!  (Psst… It’s because Daddy put the ball under my shirt one night and then he and I bounced bellies but we’ll let Mommy think what she wants too hehehe.)



Shannon said...

That's AWESOME!!!! :) And congrats on your "pick" THAT'S AWESOME!!

Natalie said...

Super cutie! Daddy's silly isn't he?

Cathy said...

Love it. Love that second one with her pockets out and her holding onto the ball (orange?). Don't almost two year olds just crack you up? They are full of such experimentation and spunk.