Monday, November 16, 2009

Gorgeous Blogger Award


Jeremi at Elle and Zoe has given me (Taylor’s Mommy) this fun award, thanks Jeremi!  It was so nice of you to include me in your list!  The rules for accepting the 'Gorgeous Blogger' award are to share six things you don't know about me, and to pass the award on to six other Gorgeous Bloggers.

Six Things You Don’t Know About Me.

  1. I sing… a lot!  I am terrible and so is my husband (he’s worse) but we can not help ourselves.  If I start humming or singing a song he will join in and vise versa.  I sing songs with made up words of popular tunes to Taylor and dance around the living room with her.  I always have to correct my husband when he gets the words wrong too LOL.
  2. I hate shortbread cookies and always have but have discovered that while pregnant I can’t get enough.  I got my husband to drive to Walmart, 9:00 at night, and buy me a box.  I ate the whole box in 24 hours and have since bought 4 more boxes!  I hope this ends soon because it’s not good for the waistline.
  3. I love to scrapbook and have a huge collection of cricut cartidges and haven’t used half of them.  In fact the last page that I scrapbooked was from last Thanksgiving but I still buy supplies.
  4. I LOVE the winter olympics and barely leave the house when they are on.  This will be the first year that I have been a mother while they will be held so I couldn’t be happier to own a PVR.  I am so stoked that they will be in Canada this year!  Come on 2010. 
  5. I am terrified of cows. When I was young I used to run away screaming "run for your lives" if one came too close.  It’s weird because I lived beside a farm most of my childhood but never overcame the fear of them.  An animal that is bigger than I am makes me nervous.
  6. I think of crazy scenarios in my head and try to think of how to avoid or resolve them.  For example, I kept myself awake for over an hour thinking of what I would do if there was a fire in my garage at night.  My bedroom is directly over the garage and so if I survived my bed falling through the floor and I escaped the flames, how would I get to Taylor and save her?  All of that was started because I heard a noise coming from the garage lol.

And now to award 6 other Gorgeous Bloggers....

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Okay I know that is way more than 6 but I don’t want to leave people out or hurt feelings LOL!!  If I missed you and you want to participated just let me know and I will add you to the list.  If I added you and you don’t want to participate I won’t be offended if you don’t.  I have another award that I have to do but I got busy (actually I think I fell asleep early) and I forgot about it… also known as baby brain.  This one reminded me of it and I will try to put that one up tomorrow. 


Maria said...

Congrats on the "Baby To Come"!!
I am so excited for you. Anytime you need someone to eat shortbread cookies with, I'm your gal!
Paneras are actually the best!!

Thank you for the award!

Bridgette said...

Thank you so much!!!! That made my day. :)

Shannon said...

AWESOME! Thanks! I LOVE your list, too! When I was pregnant, I craved Panda Express... and had NEVER eaten there before! LOL! :)

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks! I love my award! I can't wait to post this blog later. For now I have to think of 6 things that I haven't already shared with people. I have a big mouth and talk to much... so most everything is already out in public!! :D

But I am sure I can dig up some stuff!!

Catherine Anne said...

Congrats! I loved learnng more about you! Thank you so much for adding my to your list of six!

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

Thanks girl!!!! I'm sorry I haven't had time to do it and pass it on!